Rating guide

Please, note that this scale goes from 1 to 5 - thus 50% is not 2.5, but 3.

I absolutely adored this book! I couldn't find a single flaw in it or, if I did, it was really small and I didn't mind at all because the rest of it was amazing! The writing was beautiful, the characters had a great development and the book was a page-turner. I adored it! I highly recommend you to read it!

I really liked this book! Flaws were mainly absent, and I really connected with the characters. I liked the story very much and the characters were good. The writing was good, although it could have been better. I really recommend it!

I enjoyed this book. The story was entertaining, though it had some flaws. Either the writing is not that good or I didn't feel the need to keep reading because I did not connect with the story all that much. The characters were quite predictable at times, and the story lacked some depth to it. If someone asked me about it, I'd tell them to read it if they were interested in the story, but it really is nothing out of the ordinary.

I didn't really enjoyed this book. It had many flaws that were sustained and I considered quitting reading it (and I probably should have). The characters were continuously predictable, and the story had no depth to it and was boring. The writing was not very good, and I wouldn't have miss anything had I not read it. I do not recommend it.

I disliked the book so much I did not finish it. The writing was bad, the story not at all appealing and the characters awfully dislikable and predictable.  I do not recommend it at all.

Half marks will we awarded if a book does not really fill all the points in its lower boundary but is not good enough for the next. 0.75 will only be possible at 4.75 (and really should be regarded as a 5-star read, it's only my stubborn self playing here!)