Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hello first readers!

I have just started this blog today, after a long period of hibernation from my blog on other platforms. I just thought that maybe having a fresh start would motivate me to write more about the things that I like - a.k.a books

This blog is going to hold reviews from the books I read, no matter how much I like them - that way you who are reading this can be sure that what I write is solely my own opinion about a particular book. The aim of this page is not only to help other people who might be interested in learning what the general public things about a novel they think they might like, but also to create something like a little journal for myself to read in a few years time and remember all those amazing stories I devoted my hours to.

So just for you to learn a bit about how this is going to work, let's just say that I will write a brief synopsis of the book, followed by a written opinion and highlights of what I have loved and what I haven't quite of the book. All this will be culminated by a rating on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is very bad and 5 is absolutely amazing. Hopefully we will encounter many more of the latter in this magnificent adventure! 

One more thing, don't expect regular uploads of reviews, because you won't find them here. When I finish a book, I will write a review. Some weeks, I may finish three books, but some others I won't even finish one. That's just how it is!

Lastly, the only thing left to do is to wish you all a Wonderful Reading. Hope to see many of you guys around!

See you soon, Wonderful People!

wonderful literature.

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