Here is a complete, up-to-date (+/- human error, sorry!) list of all the audiobooks I've ever listened to, which will hopefully be as close as possible to all the audiobooks I've reviewed in this blog. I know choosing an audiobook is harder than it looks, thus if, by any chance, the audiobook you are interested in is listed but isn't linked to any review, I am still happy to tell you all about it if you contact me through the Contact tab or via any of the available social media :)

Let's spread the love for audiobooks, people!

Also, if you are planning on trying out this whole audiobook thing, there is a great promotion at Audible by which you get to try a month's Audible subscription for free plus another free book. Thus you will get two free audiobooks, and 30% off any other audiobook you may purchase during that month as an Audible member! After that, the standard membership is $14.98 per month, and you can cancel at any time. If you use the link below, I'll also gain a small something - so we both win! :)