Wonderful Literature was born with the idea of being a blog about literature, where I would share my opinions about the books I read. And that is exactly what it is! :D Just honest reviews about what I thought before, while and after reading a particular book.

Because I can fluently speak and read two languages - English and Spanish, I have a wider range of books to choose from than regular people (I'm special yay!). This means that sometimes I will read books that have only been published in one language. Because this blog will mainly be in English, the reviews of those books that have been published in both languages will be in English, but the reviews of those that you can only find in Spanish will be in Spanish. You will agree with me about the uselessness of writing a review for people who can't read the book you're writing about, won't you... ;)

NEVERTHELESS, I do understand that some people might be a little curious even if they aren't able to read in Spanish. For those people I've left a Translate Button at the top of the right sidebar to use as needed - you're welcome! ^_^

And lastly, if you are liking the page so far, there is only left to encourage you to join the page via any of the available links that you will find on the left sidebar - that way you won't miss out on any post! It's always nice to know that people like what you do! :D

Happy reading!