Sunday, 13 March 2016

4 Tips to Help You Read More Books

Hello everyone! Today I thought of writing a different type of blog post for you to read. 

As those of you who have seen my blogger profile may know, I am currently doing my first year of university. I am taking a particularly time-consuming course, and therefore sadly I am not able to read as much as I would like during the school year :(

However I have found a few habits that have helped me out in my reading task. I hope you find them useful too!

1. Set time aside for reading. I know life might be a bit stressful - so many assignments, so many extra activities, too much work! But remember you have to relax every now and then - otherwise you'll go crazy! Think of a time slot when you might not be as productive as in others, and set that as your reading time. It might be half an hour every day before you go to bed, or it might be after lunch, when you're not really up for anything. You decide! Don't forget life is not only what you must do, but also what you want to do. Believe me - there is time for everything if you know how to organize yourself.

2. Read shorter books during the school year and leave those heavy monsters for holiday time! Yes - I know. I also love to read loooong books that keep you up all night and never end, but those also tend to be hard stuff for your brain, which is probably already saturated with school stuff. Short books are as good or even better books than long ones, and if you read those instead, even if you read the same number of words or pages as with a long book, you'll have read maybe 3 books instead of that only never-ending novel ;) 

3. Compaginate titles with subjects you have to study or work on. If you're in school, remember those books they make you read for literature also count as BOOKS you've read. If you're in university or if you work, try and find books about that topics you are supposed to be working on. For example, there are a lot of novels that talk about physics laws, or historic events. They might be fiction or not, and it's interesting to compare what they tell you with what you know is true!

4. AUDIOBOOKS. You might think you won't like them - or you may already love them, but the truth is they do count as reading a book, and you can do so while you're doing other things. Do you take a bus every day that takes 20 minutes to get to school/work and you get carsick so you can't really do anything? Listen to an audiobook! Ironing? Cleaning? Doing the dishes? Taking a shower? Going for a run? Listen to an audiobook! Let's say an average audiobook is about 10 hours long - if you take the bus twice a day, you've already listened to 40 minutes of the audiobook in only one day! You will take that same ride 5 days a week, you'll need 3 weeks to finish a book which you would have not have even started otherwise. It think it's a great deal, and the thing is they are actually FUN. So far, I've listened to two audiobooks in my life, and I can tell you I found that experience quite interesting (you can find them here). And I am definitely listening to more of them in the upcoming months!

Write me a comment if you have any more useful tips you think I or anyone else might find useful. I'd love to get some help, too!

Happy reading!

wonderful literature.

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