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5 Book Series of my Childhood

Hello there! Today I thought I'd do a slightly different post. As the post title tells, I'll be making a recap of the books I'd recommend everybody when I was younger (and by that, I mean up until middle school). They aren't necessarily specific for middle-school readers, as I was an avid reader and a fan of YA since early in my reading life :) You'll find that most of them are trilogies. I remember thinking that good books must be made into trilogies because stand alones were just not enough, and book series were just stories stretched too far. Of course, I don't think that way anymore, but it was a good theory! ;)

The following books are in order of my reading - that is, the first books are the ones I read first, and the lasts ones are those I read last. Of course, I didn't use to keep a record of the books I read, but I will try to be as close to reality as my memory allows me to. 

Geronimo Stilton series

I used to LOVE this series when I was in primary school. My grandma used to buy my sister and me one or two books of the series every time we payed her a visit, and we loved it (then she started giving us money, which also was completely fine by me! hehe). Each books brings a different story of Geronimo Stilton, a mouse who likes the tranquility of his home and his routines but who somehow gets into these crazy adventures every time. These books are hilarious and very much entertaining. I remember them having great pictures, and something that I really liked was that it used different fonts all throughout each book depending on who (and how) was speaking. I think these books were the ones which introduced me to the amazing world that is literature. I'm forever grateful to Geronimo Stilton for making such a terrific work. I was so shocked when, a few days ago, I found that the author wasn't really named Geronimo Stilton, but rather used it as a pseudonym for Elisabetta Dami - a female Italian. I have yet to recover...

War of the Witches trilogy (Maite Carranza)

I discovered this series in my local library back when I was in primary school. However, I only checked out the second book to the series, and I read it as a stand alone (yes, it was during that time in a kid's life where they don't really mind what and how they are reading. Or even better, they don't realise some things just don't make sense! Sure you can relate to this? :D). I loved it, but it was only a few years after that I found out it was part of a trilogy. I think it was the first "serious" books I'd ever read. It is about a girl named Anaíd who discovers that her mum is a witch who has been prophesied to be the chosen one to make peace between two clans which have been at war for a long, long time. One day, she disappears, and that's where the story begins. Making some research I found that only the first book was ever translated to English under the title War of the Witches - which in the original language was the title of the whole trilogy (being The Wolf's Clan the title given to the first book in the Spanish edition). I don't understand why, because I really liked these books when I was younger :( 

Inkworld trilogy (Cornelia Funke)

The books in the Inkworld Trilogy are some of my all-time favourite books. I remember I enjoyed these books so much it hurt when the last one finished :'( It is about a girl called Meggie whose father has the ability to bring fictional book characters to life when he reads aloud (which by the way is SO cool! Imagine having your character crush right beside you in real life hehe). When he accidentally reads a bad one to life who tries to force him into working for him, they have run away to Meggie's aunt Elinor's. This is such a great story, wonderfully written by the amazing German author Cornelia Funke. I freaking loved this trilogy! It's one of those series you can't stop reading and you want to have the next book of right away so you can keep reading it non-stop. It literally couldn't put it down. Of course, I read it when I was like about 12, and I have to say that age makes a huge difference in the way you see books. I highly doubt it's any worse than I remember, though. If you have read these series recently, what did you think of it?

Niebla trilogy (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)


First of all, I have to say Carlos Ruiz Zafón is my favourite author of all times. His stories are freaking amazing, and his style is one of  the (if not the) bests I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I have read literally all of his published novels, and I just can't stop loving him. The first book by him I ever read was The Prince of Mist, and I will be forever grateful to the teacher who made us read it for class. The Niebla trilogy is cataloged as a young adult series, but it really can be read by adults as well. It wasn't originally going to be a series -in fact, the stories in the three books have no relation whatsoever. From what I know, Zafon wrote them as stand alone novels, and they were later made into a trilogy (which can now be found as a single book in the Spanish edition). You can click on each cover and it will take you to the official site so you can check what each is about. If you have not already read any book by this author, I strongly recommend that you do. Carlos Ruiz Zafón is an absolute must

Memorias de Idhún trilogy (Laura Gallego)

And last, but not least, Memorias de Idhún (The Idhún Chronicles), by Laura Gallego. This is a YA, fantasy, romance trilogy about a guy (Jack) who comes home to find that his parents have been murdered. He is taken to Limbhad (a safe place in between the Earth and Idhún) by two guys that seem to know a little too much about his situation. There he meets Victoria, another earthen who is also being hunted. Together, they learn that the black-haired guy who killed Jack's parents is after both of them, and they introduced to the amazing world of Idhún, full of magic and things neither had ever imagined. This trilogy is just outstanding. It is a straight page-turner, wonderfully written. I read it when I was around 14 (total YA age, really), and I remember I couldn't put it down! It catches you under its covers and doesn't let you go to sleep until you've finished it. It's been translated to 14 languages, but sadly none of them is English. You can check this link if you want to know what other languages the series has been published in. I adored these books!

So these are my favourite book series from my childhood (or at least, those I can remember loving more vividly, which I guess is the same thing :P). What are yours? Any of these? Tell me down below!

Happy reading!

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