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Anna and the French kiss - Stephanie Perkins

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Anna and the French kiss is a romantic novel for teens. 

The story is about an American girl, Anna, who is forced by her father to spend her senior year of high school in a boarding school in Paris. There, she makes new friends, but she starts feeling attracted to one in particular, √Čtienne St. Clair. However, he has a girlfriend, so she starts denying to herself that she actually really likes him, because she know it's impossible. Moreover, one of her new friends, Meredith, has an eternal crush on him too, and she can't do that to her.

In general, the story isn't anything that I haven't seen before: girl is annoyed about moving away from her friends, girl meets boy, boy makes her forget about her past in her old town, they fall in love. The fact that he has a girlfriend and she left the possibility of a "something" with a guy back in Atlanta could be the addition to this typical romance. But, as you go through the story you'll find that there are other topics (that I won't mention, due to a possible spoiler) that have been quite used as well and, honestly, when I got to a particular one, I thought "Oh, please, not again". Luckily, that particular topic I'm talking about and that you'll surely recognise when you read he book is not a huge part of the novel and does not interrupt the flow of the story. The book as a whole is quite entertaining - not too long (around 400 pages), and quite a good one for in-between long, complex books. 

Something else that caught my attention is that in this book, the main male character (√Čtienne) is not the typical strong, tall, perfect guy. He does have that self-confidence factor, but he also has some weak points that make him unique, and I think that is something many authors lack lately. I'd say he is quite an interesting character.

The writing is quite simple and thus the book is easy to read. 

Overall, I quite liked it, and I gave it a 3.5 out of 5 stars (3 stars on Goodreads). Hopefully you'll soon get used to my rating and will understand what I mean with these numbers!

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wonderful literature.

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