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The Ruining - Anna Collomore

I will start this review by stating that I find psychological thrillers quite very interesting. I think that novels that take into account the complexity of the human mind and all the problems that this carries along can either be fantastic and blow your mind, or simply just not quite get to you.

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The Ruining is about a young girl, Annie Phillips, who moves from Detroit to San Francisco on her first year of university. She has a difficult relationship with her family, so she sort of runs away to the house that will be her home for the rest of the school year - the Cohen family, for whom she will work as a babysitter in order to earn money to pay for her university fees. She is very excited to start over. However, what seems like a dream will not look like so for too long, and everything will turn upside down, and eventually Annie will start wondering whether she's becoming crazy.

In my opinion, The Ruining, by Anna Collomore had all the chances to be a fantastic novel: the plot was interesting, and the way the author treated the psychological part of it was actually pretty decent. However, what made me quite dislike this novel is the writing of the author.  If the writing had been right, she could have written such an amazing novel... 

Let me explain myself. First of all, the length of the book is roughly 300 pages, which is not long enough to develop the plot that the author presents. This causes for the story to go too fast at times and for parts of the book to be unclear, which confuses the reader. Quite a few times I got the feeling that I had skipped parts of the book and found myself going back a few pages, unsuccessfully trying to find answers. Also, I think the way the main character reacts to situations is not believable sometimes. These two points made me consider a couple of times stop reading the book and just forget about it.

As a counterpoint, I will say that I was quite impressed with the character of Libby Cohen, the mother of the family Annie goes to live with. I found that the author really did a good job with this character, creating quite a strong character  (I won't tell much as I wouldn't like to spoil anything). 

In general terms, the book started off pretty well. The vocabulary and grammar where quite good, and the story as the author presented it was frankly promising. However, as soon as I got a bit deeper into the story I started finding all these flaws and mistakes. The end was OK, though - quite unexpected. However, my general opinion of the book is not good as I did not always enjoy reading it, and I ended up giving it 2 stars out of 5 on Goodreads

However, I should say that one of the reasons I might not have liked it because I was expecting a young-adult book and I might have found a novel that would be nice to read in late-Middle School - where you're starting to read this type of novels.

Let me know what you thought about it.

wonderful literature.

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