Sunday, 4 September 2016

Shameful August Wrap-Up :(

Hello there! This post will be a summary of the books I've read during the month of August :) August is supposed to be a time when I read a LOT, but for some reason this year hasn't been this way :/ Since it was the end of summer (yes, I'm back at uni now! :( ), I think I focused on going out more and doing more of the things I cannot do throughout the school year. Such is the case, that I was only able to finish 2 books! :O Which, by the way, were two very good reads!

The Graveyard Book is a middle school, fantasy read written by the great Neil Gaiman! It's one of my favourite books from when I was younger and I re-read it at the beginning of  he month. It follows a little boy called Nobody Owens (because he looks like nobody except himself) who, as a toddler, managed to escape the man who killed both his parents on the same night - the man Jack. Since then he lives at the local graveyard, in which he has been granted the Freedom of the Graveyard, and so he is able to see the ghosts that live in it (including his adoptive parents) and also do some of their tricks. I love this book! It is so well written, and the story is so original. The characters are very interesting (most of them are ghosts!) and with very defined personalities. There are lots and lots of them. It is true, however, than it might feel a bit heavy towards the middle of the book, but I think it's the rest of it which remains. I love how Neil Gaiman has written this book! I think it's definitely a must :)

Ready Player One has definitely been my favourite read of the month AND of the summer. It's a young adult, science-fiction novel by Ernest Cline. It is set in the 2040s, in a time where the energy crisis has changed absolutely everything. The living conditions are terrible, and everyone kind of lives inside a virtual reality called the OASIS, in which people have businesses, can go to school or just travel to different worlds. Wade is one of these people - he lives with his aunt with who he doesn't get along, and he spend most of his waking hours in the OASIS. So the thing is that one day, the multibillionaire videogame designer who made this virtual reality dies, and a video is released in which he explains that he has programmed the videogame to hide an Easter egg, which is hidden under three doors which can be opened with three keys that can be found deciphering three different hints - the first of which is given by the own creator. I really enjoyed reading this book! I thought it was super original. And the writing is great! :D I have a full review of it here :)

And that's it. SHAME ON ME! I still can't believe I only managed to read two books... However, in my defense I have to say that I started reading the fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Lost Souls, which is a big one. I am still like half-way through though, and I am not enjoying it as much, so I guess that is also part of the reason I got to read so few books :( And now I am back in college, so I don't know how much I will be able to read in the up-coming months! *cries*

Anyway... I'll do my best!

Happy reading!

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