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Top 5 Wednesday 2 | Fandoms you are no longer in

In the Goodreads Group Top 5 Wednesday we're given a topic for each Wednesday of the month, and we are meant to say our top 5 related to the topic. It was created by Lainey although it's now hosted by Sam, and you can find more information here :)

Fandoms you are no longer in. 

I have never really been a fandom girl. I like what I like, I ship who I like, I talk about it a lot with my friends and that's about it. I recently said I am very bad at remembering character names and stories not so long after I read them, and thus I guess that's part of the reason why I tend to enjoy stuff and then move on to the next stuff I enjoy :P (Hope that makes sense!).

Nevertheless, I have loved some books/authors/fictional couples that I've later come to "forget", if that counts as fandoms I am no longer in. Here's my list! All pictures are linked to their Goodreads page :)

The Mortal Instruments

My liking of this series by Cassandra Clare is slightly out of the norm. I started City of Bones because two friends of mine recommended the series to me, and actually really liked it. I guess I can say I was in the Mortal Instruments fandom if I talked about it with these two friends and my sister? I really liked the series! However, for some reason, I stopped at the third or fourth book and restarted the series last summer with the idea of finishing it. I definitely left the fandom the second time around. I enjoyed neither the re-reads as much as the first time, nor the books that followed - I didn't even finish City of Heavenly Fire. I know! I know! I know that you probably love this series, that it's been here forever and that Clary and Jace are cute, and you probably also love Marcus and Alec, and find Simon super cute. I know all that, and I still didn't like the series much in the end. Sorry!

Precious Stone Trilogy

I absolutely adored this trilogy by Kirsten Gier when I was in grade 9! A very dear friend of mine actually begged me to read it. She even lent the books to my sister and me. I loved it! I told everyone that would talk to me about books about it. I was crazy about it, though I really didn't even know that fandoms existed at the time :P Still, I'd say I was an asset to the fandom - I made a lot of people read it! And then I just stopped talking about it (but never forgot about the books!), I guess because time passed, new books came along and my mind was on other things. I still love them, though, and re-read them every now and then. They bring back so many memories. We moved the year after I discovered these books, and my friend gave us the last two books and kept the first one so that we'd remember where everything started. I just have a very emotional connection to this series, and although I've moved on, I still love the books - and always will!

His Dark Materials

This series by Philip Pullman (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass in English) was a bomb at the time, apparently -though I didn't really know because I didn't even think about that kind of stuff. I just knew my friends weren't reading these, and that the Tooth Fairy gave them to my sister and me one tooth at a time :) I was genuinely surprised to find out a few years ago that people actually read these - I thought they were famous because of the movie that was based on them. I really liked them, and my sister too! We were crazy about them. And then I guess, just as with The Precious Stone trilogy, time passed and new stories came along. 

The Twilight Saga

I think many of you can relate to this one! Stephenie Meyer's fantastic world was a boom when it came out. I personally was one of those who didn't really know about the books until the film came out (shame on me!). I watched the film -which I absolutely loved and still do-, and then decided I wanted to know what happened next, so my sister and I bought the books, and I loved them! Everyone talked about them, I talked about them, my sister talked about them (actually, I have to say it was her who first wanted to buy the books, I just followed hehe). We all talked about them, and they were talked about even more when each film came out. I think I did something really well with this saga - even though I watched the movie first, I didn't read the book right away, so by the time I did I'd kind of forgotten the story thanks to my wonderful memory, thus I really enjoyed both the film and the book! I'm actually so proud to have found out about this trick :') Anyway - I was really into them, and then, just as any other book, the hype stopped and my fangirling did too. 

Inkheart Trilogy
I loved this trology by Cornelia Funke! I believe it was the first book with no pictures my sister and I read, and I remember the story was very interesting and refreshing. I have not read it since, but I definitely will at some point. I've chosen these covers - the German edition- because they are similar to the one I read, and the letters are sort of a symbol in my memory. I like it better than the UK/US editions. And the story of me and the fandom is just as all the previous ones: I loved them, I shared them, and I slowly forgot about them! Not very interesting, but that's how it happened! I really do recommend these books, though :)

Memorias de IdhĂșn

I've talked about this trilogy before. It's one of my all-time favourite trilogies, but, although it has been translated into at least 10 languages,  none of them is English! Even other less successful novel by Laura Gallego are available in English :( But anyway... I loved these books in year 9 (yes, same year as the Precious Stone Trilogy, and recommended by the same dear friend!). I was obsessed with it! I recommend them very much if you are able to speak Spanish or any of the languages they have been translated into. 

What are some of the fandoms you were crazy about and stopped being a part of? I'd love to know! 

Happy reading!

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