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Top 5 Wednesday 6 | Series that got worse with each book/season

Hello, guys! It's Wednesday again, which means a new T5W post must be written. Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads meme created by Lainey and now managed by Sam in which there is a different topic each Wednesday for us to write out top 5 about.

Last week I decided to write about a topic that I had missed because I wasn't able to write about the one I was supposed to write about. Well, it might be becoming somewhat a thing now? This week I'm going to do the same - I was meant to make a post about book series that got better with each book, series you had to push through the first few books to get to the good stuff, but, honestly, I can't think of that many because although I am kind of a masochist in the way I make myself finish books I don't really like that much in case they get better at the end (I am trying to quit, believe me), if I finish a book I haven't really enjoyed I won't get the next one. It's a fact. So I thought I'd look for the opposite topic in the group's archive, and I found it! It was the topic for the 14th December 2016 :) I'm a mastermind!

Therefore this week's topic is:

Series that got worse with each book/season

Let's dive right in!

The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare

Yep... The ultra-famous YA, fantasy book series by Cassandra Clare is definitely high on the list of series that got worse with each book. I am not aware if it's just me who thinks this way because, honestly, I ended up not really enjoying the series so I haven't done much research. I liked the first three books, but I think it just went downhill from that point. What to say I didn't even finish the last book (City of Heavenly Fire)! This series was a disaster for me, and I regret pushing through to the last book - stopping at book 3 would definitely have saved a big reading slump... But what to do! 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han

I read these three books not long ago. I really liked the first book - I think it's safe to say it is one of my contemporary YA novels of all times. It's a hilarious story about a girl who has this habit of writing letters to the boys she loves after she stops loving them, but these letters are kept safe in a box until one day they mysteriously aren't anymore - they are somehow mailed to each and every one of the boys. I loved this book, and I really enjoyed the second book as well, but I think the story was stretched too far with the third novel. It's not that I didn't like it, but I found it unnecessary - I didn't gain anything by reading it. I still enjoyed reading about the characters that I loved (come one, who wouldn't like a Peter in their lives?), but I think the story just went nowhere. Nonetheless, I do recommend you to read the first or first two novels, because they are worth every second, and you are not left in any cliff hanger or anything, so you can just live believing they're a duology!

El Barco (TV series)

Image result for el barco antena 2

This one I had to include it because it was the first series I thought about when reading the "season" part of the topic. It is a Spanish TV series (which you can find on Netflix Spain and in some of the Latino American ones as well I believe) about a group of students and their teachers that go on a summer course that will take place in a boat. The thing is, something unknown happens and they can't go back to shore. I really liked it at the beginning, but then it felt as if they had run out of ideas for the show and I just found it really stupid, so I stopped watching it. First few seasons are good. The last one I didn't even finish it!

Blood for Blood - Catherine Doyle

I have to admit I haven't technically finished this series yet... I am currently reading the last book in the trilogy - Mafiosa, and although I am barely 20% in, I can already tell it's just not going to be like the previous two books. I loved Vendetta - it's another contemporary YA about a girl named Sophie Gracewell that falls in love with one of five boys who come to live to a house in her neighborhood that has been abandoned for years, and her life changes because she finds out about certain things in these boys' lives and in her own that didn't quite make sense. I really enjoyed the first book; it's fast paced and a total page-turner, but the second one already made me slightly bored I guess, because I remember finishing it and not wanting to read the next one immediately, just wanting to give myself some time, which is unusual. 

Mírame y Dispara - Alessandra Neymar

The first book in this series (currently 5 books) was the love of my fifteen-year-old self's life. Mírame y Dispara was the winner of the first Ellas Juvenil Romántica Award back in 2012, which was in part managed by a blog I used to follow a lot, and that was crazy. It is set in Rome, and it is about a girl named Kathia Carusso who comes back home from 5 years in a boarding school to discover that her family as well as all her friends' aren't anything like what she thought they were. She knew they had a lot of money, but she couldn't imagine what was really going on. I loved this book - the romance in it is super cute and the story is fast-paced and intriguing. The writer had problems getting her next books published, so she decided to self-publish the rest of the series, but I think that was an awful mistake. I didn't like the next book, mainly because of the writing, and although I did push through it in case the third and fourth books were if even a glimpse of the first book, they were just not. They did get better, but nowhere near the first book, which was a shame! If you'd like to try the first one out, I'd say go for it, although it was only published in Spanish.

And that is it! What are some of the series you first really liked, but they ultimately didn't meet your expectations? Would love to know!

Happy reading!

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  1. I completely agree with you on the To All the Boys... series. I recently finished the final book and it was just 'okay'. I loved the first book and it's an amazing thing because I don't read a lot of contemporaries that solely rely on romance. Book 2 came and I'm just: well that was nice. Then book 3 came and I'm like: well that was one lengthy book for one point. But I have to admit that the new contract Peter made in the end was just adorable <3

    1. I was super cute! (although I am sure that counts a SPOILER, Czai!). It's sad when book series just don't lift up to your expectations!


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