Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Challenges I will smash in 2017

Hello again! First post of the year! :D Isn't it so exciting? 

I've decided to write a blog post this random day of the week to share with you the challenges I am joining this year. Last year I joined the 2016 Audiobook Challenge, and the 2016 Finishing the Series Challenge. This year, there will be some changes :) 

2017 Audiobook Challenge

In 2017 I am, once again, joining the 2017 Audiobook Challenge, hosted by Hot Listens and, this year, by Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

I really enjoyed doing this challenge last year -it opened me the gates to a parallel dimension of reading which I didn't really know that well, and I am so thankful! I've discovered a whole new way of reading which motivates me to do things that I didn't use to find as pleasant (like running hehe :P).

The whole point of the challenge is to listen to more audiobooks every year. As last year I listened to a total of 5 audiobooks (which I am going to make a post about soon), this year I'm aiming for 6 -Weekend Warrior level.

You can find the sign-up page here, and you can join whether you own a blog or not :) Hope you give it a try! 

2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge

This year I am joining a new challenge - the 2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge, hosted by Mishma at Chasing Faerytales and Shelly at Read.Sleep.Repeat. 

The main point of this challenge is to read more books about diverse topics -which I think is a great idea! In my opinion, we read too many books that end up telling the same story over and over... So I thought this was a great opportunity to change that :)

For the challenge, Mishma and Shelly have divided the year into topics -so each month is a different topic. They have even made a list of books that would fit in each category, although there is no set amount of books you have to read, and you don't even need to follow the set structure if you don't want to. I've decided to go for 12 diverse books this year -one for each topic.

You can find all the information on the challenge and the sign-up post here :) I'm so excited about this challenge! :D It's going to be very interesting, to say the least!

And these two are all the challenges I am planning on doing this year. I might add some more should I find any that I like, but so far this is the plan as I don't want to load myself with too many things to do this year -I already have too much reading to do for uni! 😓 What about you? Did you find any nice challenges out there? And also, do you have any books you recommend to help me achieve these challenges?

Update: you can now see my complete TBR for the 2017 Diverse Reads challenge here :)

Happy reading!

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  1. I hope you smash both of these challenges this year and that you read (or listen to) some amazing books. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much, Alicia! Good luck with your challenges too :D


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